The principle – the technology

All-round superiority: the omsHypoid bevel gear technology

A drive principle that keeps its promise – maximum efficiency with a minimum of backlash and extremely quiet operation. omsHypoid bevel gear units, similar to the differentials in automobiles, have high load capacities and arc-shaped teeth.
The tooth geometry is the crucial factor for quiet operation and low backlash. Developed using the GLEASON process, this geometry is implemented in powerful drive technology based on optimized calculation, manufacturing, grinding and testing.
The rolling and lateral sliding of the meshing teeth produces a perfect hydrodynamic lubricant film and ensures practically wear-free operation with an efficiency of η > 96%.

Building on this, the proprietary SYNTECTM toothing facilitates high gear ratios with a bevel gear without a downstream spur gear for ultra compact drives.
The omsHypoid bevel gear technology: An economic principle with a powerful drive

icon vorteile orange2 The advantages

Uncompromising quality
– economic, convenient and reliable.

Whether in escalators or elevator drives – omsHypoid gears pay for themselves fast. All possible savings potentials, including compact space requirements, minimal maintenance and energy recovery are used to ensure economical operation.
Cost-effective and quiet: thanks to the remarkable quietness of operation and low noise emissions, people using your system will enjoy an extraordinarily comfortable ride.
And all this with quality you can rely on:
omsHypoid gears are proving themselves on a daily basis in over 100,000 escalators and elevator systems - even under the toughest conditions.


  • proven

    well-engineered technology

    GLEASON hypoid toothing as used on a large scale in automobiles

    Proven over 100,000 times in escalators and travelators

  • compact

    Minimal space requirements, small footprint

    Standard in elevators without machine room

    Can be installed in any position: upright, horizontal, top, bottom, left, right

  • quiet

    Low-noise operation thanks to special toothing geometry and the use of state-of-the-art grinding technology

    High gear efficiency at rated speed η > 96%

    High start-up efficiency

    Suitable for power feedback

  • low maintenance

    Hardened, durable and low-wear toothing

    Low operating temperatures facilitate space-saving solutions with performance electronics in the immediate vicinity

    Recirculating oil lubrication for gear bearings

    Long intervals between oil changes: up to 40,000 hours

    The idea

    Intelligent solutions at sensible prices

    The modular principle makes this possible. OMS Antriebstechnik offers complete drive solutions with perfectly coordinated components from a single source. Thanks to the modular system, the drives of the omsHypodrive series meet nearly any utilization and application requirements you may have. Thus, for example, controlled drives with particularly low backlash are used in elevators with constantly changing directions of rotation, while the drives for subway escalators are designed especially for long-term continuous operation.
    The experienced designers at OMS Antriebstechnik work closely with the system engineering specialists to adapt omsHypodrives drives optimally to elevator and escalator architecture.
    This collaboration ensures the best possible configuration of the drives, which is essential to the durability and safety of the entire system.


    The components

    omsHypodrive – drives made to measure

    The experienced engineers at OMS Antriebstechnik design and manufacture your own individual omsHypodrive to meet your specific application and utilization requirements.

    Not only the quality of the individual components, but the reliability of the entire drive design concept has to meet even the toughest demands: OMS Antriebstechnik sets standards in product testing from development to serial production.



      Graduated unit sizes (unit assembly system)
      Input torque between 50 and 250 Nm
      Input speeds up to 2000 rpm¹
      Ratios, two-stage from I = 13 to 37

    Electric motors

      for OMS hypoid gears optimally designed for the specific application suitable for frequency converter operation

    Brake systems

      Static or dynamic brakes with variable release and engagement times

    Brake release and
    emergency mode devices

      Manual and electric, designed especially for emergency operation and maintenance

    Sensor safety systems

      for monitoring the safety and functionality of motors, gears and brake systems Frequency converter

    Frequency converter

      designed specifically for the OMS drives and the task at hand


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