Elevator Drives with Gear– Roba-Sheave Stop 500

Roba Sheavestop


Technical Data: 
Nominal voltage: 104 VDC
Electrical power: 88 W
Voltage at overexitation: 207 VDC
Electrical power at overexitation: 352 W
Protection (solenoid/filling compound): IP54
Micro switch: IP67
Protection class mechanical: IP21
Operation period: 100%
Connection solenoid: 2 x 0,88 mm² 
Ambient temperature: -20 °C bis +40 °C
Brake torque (range) 1600 Nm
Maximum speed: 300 min-1
Thickness of the brake disc, new: 16 mm
Nominal air gap a powerless: 0,6-0,10 +0,15 mm
Maximum air gap: 1,0 mm
Mass: 66 kg
Switching time:  
Pick up time:
Brakes must be opened with overexitation
(double voltage)
245 ms
Drop down time t1 (AC): 953 ms
Drop down time t1 (DC) 266 ms



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